THE FIRST film directed by
The first full-length art work of Fuentes, the owner of a huge experience in shooting documentary films.
Documentarian Fuentes shows the main character in detail, ruthlessly, like an animal in the wild: rude, dirty, feral, coming out to people once a year to sell the skins of wolves he got high in the mountains. Where he lives all alone
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watch like a documentary
for those who are ready to analyze
The ability to observe and evaluate dispassionately is the most important skill of a documentary filmmaker.
Fuentes either suggests that we try to use it, or does not understand at all that the average person is rarely able to notice details, having tuned in to a relaxed evening movie session.
The main leitmotif of the entire visual and sound series, during which the author introduces us to the character, makes us wince and dislike him. Even those who know who he is and those who trade with him stare at him with apprehension.
But it is worth listening to the words, asking the question of motivation and everything changes. However, only a particularly attentive person will be able to assess what is happening deeper than it seems at first glance.
This longrid is my personal vision of what the author wanted to convey with his work and his attempts to reveal the characters, despite one—sided reviews on the web from people who just turned on another movie for food so as not to think.
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